DNA testing receives Aasandha coverage

DNA testing has been added to the list of treatments covered under the state health insurance scheme – Aasandha.

The initiation of Aasandha coverage for DNA testing – a carrier screening process used to identify thalassemia inheritance - was announced by the Health Ministry in a post on X on Wednesday.

The Health Ministry said that the move was part of efforts to improve the efficiency of healthcare services.

The decision to provide Aasandha coverage for DNA testing is part of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s ‘Hafuthaa 14’ roadmap – pledges his administration has promised to deliver within its first 14 weeks in office.

It is also part of additional pledges which have been delivered to strengthen and expand services for thalassemia patients.

This includes facilitating government sponsorship for bone marrow transplants for eligible thalassemia patients, providing Aasandha coverage for essential medicines and consumables for thalassemia patients, and ensuring availability of medicines to patients across the Maldives through the State Trading Organization (STO).

Five thalassemia patients will be undergoing bone marrow transplants at state expense this year.

The Maldivian administration also plans on establishing a a specialized hospital exclusively for treating Thalassemia patients.

Maldives has over 900 registered thalassemia patients. 320 of them get their transfusions from Male’.