Over 900 Fenaka staff let go following contract expiration

Fenaka Corporation's logo.

Fenaka’s Managing Director Muaz Mohamed Rasheed, on Friday, revealed that over 900 employees from over 40 islands have been let go following the expiration of their contracted period.

The new management of Fenaka alleges that a great number of employees were hired on a contract basis by the former administration in conjunction with the presidential election. The contract of the hundreds of employees hired for various projects of the company underway at different islands expired on November 30th.

Fenaka’s new MD Muaz told Sun that the employees who were let go were employees hired on a contract basis, for either projects that have already been completed or projects that remained fully stalled.

Fenaka’s new Managing Director Muaz Mohamed Rasheed. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

He detailed that the included over 900 employees from over 40 islands.

“There are about 1,800 staff who have been hired for purposes such as building a Fenaka office, a powerhouse, or something along these lines. Just for these things,” he said.

“Out of them, have only decided against renewing the contracts for places that have been completely finished or for places where works have been stalled; for example, where works have remained stalled for about four to five months,” he added.

He stressed that they were let go because there was no way of moving forward with any work with these employees.

As per the Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB), Fenaka has the greatest number of employees in a state-owned company with over 7,000 employees.