Muizzu: Solution to Indian troops presence can be reached via diplomacy

President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu speaking at TVM's Dhivehinge Rajje program.

President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu has said that the withdrawal of Indian troops stationed in Maldives cannot happen on the streets and that it can only be done through diplomacy.

Dr. Muizzu said this in an interview with PSM today. He said the Indian troops would be sent back to their country through peaceful negotiations and democratic rules. 

He said he would do it in the best interest of both countries.

[It will be done] in the best interest of both Maldives and India. That is, we and India are two close countries that cannot be separated. It has provided us with many assistance in the past. And it is still being provided,” he said, noting that the relationship will continue in the future.

He said there was no problem with India except the issues caused by the foreign policy and economic policy of this government.

Noting that he has met the Indian ambassador twice during the transition of government, he said that they have discussed many things together. He said India also accepts the democratic decision of the people of Maldives.

"It's not something that's happening just because it's India. Whether it is India or another country's troops, the people have decided that they do not want another countrry's troops here. Whatever the purpose,” he said.

He said the problem is not with India and the people want no other country's troops in Maldives. Therefore, the work will be started very soon and will be successful, he said.

Today, he has repeated his statement that he will prioritize Maldives in his foreign policy.

PPM has spoken out against the presence of Indian troops in Maldives. The party has launched a campaign called "India Out" with their leader, Abdulla Yameen spearheading this campaign

He took to the streets with supporters wearing India Out T-shirts to protest against the deployment of Indian troops in Maldives. However, the movement was later halted by a resolution issued by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.