MPL to impose surcharge for pilotage service

A cruise ship anchored outside Male' City. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Sadhoof)

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has made the decision to impose a surcharge for its pilotage service.

In a statement on Monday, MPL announced the decision is effective November 21.

Cruise liners that travel to Maldives anchor outside Male’ City. They are guided in and out of the area by pilots from MPL.

MPL said the surcharge depends on the size of the vessel.

  • For vessels under 500GT: MVR 1,080
  • For vessels between 501GT and 3,000GT: MVR 1,620
  • For vessels between 3,001GT and 15,000GT: MVR 3,240
  • For vessels above 15,000GT: MVR 5,400

MPL had previously raised its pilotage fee, before cutting it by half in 2021, following concern from shipping companies over the drop in cruise liners to Maldives due to the high fee.