Parliament’s approval sought for additional ambassador despite appeal against new appointments

Khadheeja Najeeha, H. Selena, K. Male’ who was nominated by the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as the new Maldivian Ambasaddor to Pakistan.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s nomination for the new Maldivian ambassador to Pakistan has been sent to the Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee for review, at a time the Office of the President-Elect has appealed against new appointments to government posts.

The letter nominating Khadheeja Najeeha, H. Selena, K. Male’ to replace incumbent Maldivian Ambassador to Pakistan Faruzana Zahir, G. Cheynuge, K. Male’, who was appointed the post in 2020, was submitted to the parliament on Tuesday.

Khadheeja Najeeha has held the post of joint secretary at the Foreign Ministry.

In Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting, President Solih’s nominations for ambassadors to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bangladesh were also sent to the Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee for review.

Both letters from the president have been slated at the parliament at a time president-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has appealed to the current administration against making such changes.

Some MPs, therewith, expressed discontent over the fact that the letter nominating a new ambassador to Pakistan had been submitted on Tuesday.

In this regard, Central Henveiru MP Ali Azim said this was not how things should be done, democratically, as President Solih’s administration is set to conclude on November 17th. He said the priority, at this time, should be allocated to the smooth transfer of power.

“The president-elect has sent a letter, clearly stating against doing certain things. Contradicting this is not acceptable,” he added.

Azim said an order should be issued to stop this, which he cited was a responsibility of the parliament.

Central MP Ibrahim Rasheed also debated against the appointment of a new ambassador.

Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla, who was presiding over Wednesday’s sitting, said once the letters are sent to the committee for review, they will make a decision by taking into consideration these factors.

A letter from president-elect Muizzu to President Solih on October 5th requested the current administration to halt seven matters during the period of transition.

President Solih has expressed the intention to cooperate with respect to the requests put forth by Muizzu.