Nasheed: I will play a role in Muizzu's administration

President-Elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu meeting the Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on October 3, 2023. (Photo/Majlis)

The Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has said that he will have a role in President-Elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s administration.

PPM-PNC candidate Muizzu won the second round of this years Presidential Elections without making a coalition with any other political party with 54 percent or 129,159 votes.

While Muizzu is working on planning his administration, former President Mohamed Nasheed, who leads The Democrats, has said at today’s Parliamentary sitting that he will play a role in said administration.

Speaking while heading the Parliamentary sitting, Nasheed said that some ministers in the current government are sending messages to foreign dignitaries about the government to be formed on November 17.

“Some ministers are texting various dignitaries of the world saying bad things about the government that is going to be formed in Maldives. Then these dignitaries are sending me the texts and I am saying that I will also be involved in that government,” Nasheed said.

Therefore, he asked not to send messages to foreign dignitaries saying bad things about the government.

From the official meeting between Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, and President-Elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu on October 3, 2023. (Photo/Majlis)

"So I find it very difficult to explain that such a bad thing is going to happen in Maldives. I urge all ministers and other dignitaries not to send texts to different parts of the world,” he said.

Nasheed, who played an important role in bringing about the current government, has formed a new political party after leaving the ruling coalition's main party, MDP, due to issues that arose between him and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The Democrats, to whom Nasheed belongs, also contested the first round of the presidential election. Holhudhoo MP Ilyas Labeeb contested from the Democrats and finished the first round in third place with 15,839 votes or seven percent.

Interim Chairperson of the Democrats, Hassan Latheef, has also recently said that the Democrats are ready to cooperate with President-Elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s administration and that all that is left is to hold discussions about which role they will have.