State earns MVR 10M from seizure of smuggled gold

361 grams of gold smuggled into the Maldives. (File photo/Maldives Customs)

The state has seized MVR 10 million in smuggled gold over the last one-year period.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) said the state seized 10.99 kilos of gold smuggled into the country over the last one-year period.

The global rate for gold stands at MVR 60,000-MVR 70,000.

The PGO said that the state has therefore earned USD 659,000 or MVR 10.1 million from the seizure of the smuggled gold.

Carrying anything in or out of Maldives’ borders requires approval from Customs. Items carried in for personal use that are valued at under MVR 6,000 do not need to be declared to Customs, as long as the items in question do not require special permission to be brought in or aren’t prohibited.