Muizzu: Presidency is not an honor, but a trust left by the people

Opposition PPM-PNC coalition's presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu speaks at a campaign rally.

Opposition PPM-PNC coalition’s presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, on Thursday night, has described presidency as a trust left by the people, instead of an honor that one receives.

Speaking at a campaign rally in R. Hulhudhuffaaru – Muizzu said that presidency is a trust handed over by the people, adding he is fully confident of honestly carrying out the trust by performing as desired by the people.

“There is no honor in the post I am vying for if there is no understanding of the post’s huge responsibility. Am facing a huge responsibility,” he said.

Muizzu, expressing confidence of addressing the issues persisting in the nation, urged the public not to lose hope.

He said he knows how to improve the economy of the nation and regain its independence. The opposition candidate alleged that there was no political independence in the Maldives, adding the government is not empowered to make its own statements.

“It is a decision that the government made. It happened because of the way the government’s policies have been shaped,” he added.

Muizzu also emphasized the increase in corruption in the country, coupled with the government’s lack of answers with respect to them, and said the matter needs to be questioned.

As an example, he pointed out the ventilator corruption of MVR 30 million; with no answers to what happened to the ventilators attempted to be acquired during the pandemic.

“There is no moral authority when the government comes to get votes without answering to this. The people need to know what happened to the MVR 30 million and what happened to ventilators that were not received,” he said.

Muizzu also spoke on the MVR 190 million Thilamale’ bridge project of the current administration – stressing no pillars are visible to date despite the huge expense. On the contrary, he pointed out that a bridge had been built between Male’ and Hulhumale’ at the expense of MVR 190 million during former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s administration and encouraged to see the difference.

He added that it will be the PPM-PNC administration that completes the bridge which will bring happiness the prosperity to the people.