First Lady Fazna’s campaign visit to Hiyaa flat area met with protest

First Lady Fazna Ahmed and MDP's campaign teams visit Hiyaa Flat area.

First Lady Fazna Ahmed’s visit to Hiyaa flat area on Sunday evening to garner support for her husband, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih who is contesting the runoff of the presidential election slated for September 30th, was met with protest from opposition supporters.

With two weeks left to the runoff between the two candidates who secured the most votes in the first round of the presidential election – First Lady Fazna, contrary to the first round, has taken to roads for campaign. In this regard, she has undertaken a door-to-door campaign in both Male’ City and Vilimale’.

On Sunday evening, First Lady Fazna, accompanied by campaign teams, undertook a visit to Hiyaa flat area in Hulhumale’. She was joined by Hulhumale’ MP Ali Niyaz, who is also the younger brother of President Solih.

Opposition supporters protest as First Lady Fazna Ahmed and MDP's campaign teams visit Hiyaa Flat area.

The area is evidently dominated by the opposition. A large number of opposition supporters had gathered in the area in protest, expressing anger. An individual who attempted to cause a disturbance was arrested by the police amid the chaos.

President Solih, following his loss in the first round, has expressed he can still secure the landslide win in the runoff by identifying and addressing the issues faced in the first round.

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the PPM-PNC candidate, secured the highest votes, with 46 percent, meaning 101,613 votes, in the first round. His closest competitor, main ruling MDP’s Solih, the incumbent president, won 39 percent, meaning 86,161 votes.