First Lady on Children’s Day: With rights come responsibilities

First Lady Fazna Ahmed. (Photo/President's Office)

Instilling a sense of duty in children at a young age is essential to the upbringing of a generation of responsible adults, says First Lady Fazna Ahmed.

She made the remark in a video message on Wednesday, on occasion of Children's Day.

In her message, Fazna reminded parents of the rights and responsibilities of children.

Teaching children about these rights and responsibilities is one of the most important life goals of parents, she said.

Fazna said that while every child has the right to nutritious food, they should be taught to avoid waste, and that while education is another right for every child, parents should guide them to listen and learn in school and help them create a solid work ethic while developing self-reliance by assigning age-appropriate chores like packing their bags.

Teaching children to become responsible at an early age helps them become successful adults, she said.

Fazna also highlighted the importance of allowing children to express their opinions and feelings.

She also noted the importance of engaging children in decisions that affect them, like encouraging children to comment on guidelines about using a public park, which would give them a reason to follow and uphold those guidelines.

This will teach children that their opinions are valued, she said.

In her message, Fazna said she hopes to see every child grow up as trustworthy, respectful, and caring individuals well before adulthood.