Maldives fires Naushad, deputy ambassador to UK

Naushad Waheed Hassan Manik.

Naushad Waheed Hassan Manik, the deputy ambassador to the UK, has been dismissed.

Naushad’s dismissal on Wednesday comes two days after he posted on X, former Twitter, praising former president Mohamed Nasheed as the founder of democracy in Maldives, and criticizing the ambassador to UK, Dr. Farhanaz Faisal.

Nasheed took to X to criticize the decision.

He described Naushad as one of the greatest contributors to the state of Maldives and the country’s democracy movement.

“The government’s decision to dismiss Naushad is disgraceful. The damage will not only be felt by the government. This is a great loss to the people,” he said.

According to his letter of termination, Naushad was dismissed with the powers vested in the president under Article 115 of the Constitution.