ACC probes issuance of land from Hulhumale’ in conjunction with election

Members of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) hold a press conference on April 5, 2022. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Naail Hussain)

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has revealed they are probing 56 complaints filed with the commission with respect to Saturday’s presidential election which pertains to corruption in addition to a complaint regarding the issuance of land from Hulhumale’ in conjunction with the election.

ACC’s Senior Communications Officer Nishan Mohamed Didi said that the commission, in light of its belief that seven out of these cases required further investigation, has accordingly initiated the investigation process. He noted that one of the cases under investigation pertains to the issuance of land from Hulhumale’ and how the draw along land recipients was taken.

Nishan further said the other cases pertain to abuse of state recourses and bribery.

He stressed that the commission is taking action with respect to the cases.

“Some actions, however, can only be taken after clarification of certain matters. Therefore, efforts are underway to acquire further information,” he said.

Elections Commission (EC), commenting on election-related complaints, detailed that they had received two complaints of anti-campaigning, which the commission has responded to.

EC said 51 other election-related complaints were received. EC’s Vice President Ismail Habeeb detailed that 26 of the complaints were received by the National Complaints Bureau, while 25 of the complaints were received by the Atoll Complaints Bureau.

This, as per Habeeb, included three complaints related to campaigning, one complaint regarding an observer and 10 complaints regarding voting rights.

They also included eight complaints regarding registration, 11 complaints regarding officials, 14 complaints regarding the secrecy of the vote, two complaints regarding bribery and two complaints falling into other categories.

Opposition parties have strongly pressed that the government had been exerting influence over the election, creating doubts as to whether the election is independent and fair.