Resolution submitted against govt. influence on elections

North Maafannu MP Imthiyaz Fahmy (Inthi). (File Photo/People's Majlis)

North Maafannu MP Imthiyaz Fahumy (Inthi) has submitted a resolution to the parliament which calls to eliminate influence exerted by incumbent administrations in conjunction with elections and explore ways to address the issue.

The resolution, submitted at the fifth sitting of the third session of the parliament held on Wednesday morning, stressed the lack of a reliable redress for the issue despite repetitive concerns from civil organizations, political parties and the public regarding government influence in elections throughout the years.

Underscoring an independent and a fair election as one of the main cornerstones of a democracy – the resolution emphasized the importance there being leeway to hold a highly transparent and a trustable election.

The resolution described the integration of official responsibilities with campaign visits as abuse of state resources through deceit and abuse of state-owned companies as some of the ways incumbent administrations have been extorting influence over elections.

In light of these issues, the resolution called to pave a path to hold a fair election.

Presenting his resolution, Inthi highly criticized the incumbent administration.

In this regard, he remarked that the government, with all the power, had a ‘damning loss’ at the election. Inthi added that the government holds a different position despite foreign observers reporting the proceedings of the election day had been without irregularities. 

He attributed this to the government having no intention to ensure a fair and an independent election.

“They do not possess this ideology,” he stressed.

The parliamentarian went onto make huge allegations against the government with respect to benefiting from undue advantages.

While debating on the resolution, Central Maafannu MP Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde), said the next administration would also follow in these footsteps.

Central Maafannu MP Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde). (File Photo/People's Majlis)

He cited a switch of the governance system to a parliamentary system as the solution to the problem.

Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain said incumbent governments’ influence in conjunction with elections has been repeatedly talked about.

“The next group of people proceeds to forget and repeat this too,” he said.