EC opening re-registration ahead of 2nd round

Voters cast their ballot at a polling station in Male’ during the 2023 presidential election on September 9, 2023. (Sun Photo/Ibrahim Shamveel)

The Election Commission (EC) on Sunday announced that they will open re-registratration for two days ahead of the secound round of voting in the Presidential Election. 

The first round of voting conclued on September 9, and the second round will be held on September 30. 

Speaking with Sun, the Vice President of EC Ismail Habeeb said that they were working to open re-registration from 16 to 17. He said that this was to allow voters to change their voting center if it differs from where they cast their ballot in the first round.

A second round of voting is required as none of the eight presidential hopefuls were able to secure over 50 percent, as is dictated in the Constitution. 

According to the preliminary results announced by the EC, candidate from Peoples National Congress (PNC) Dr Mohamed Muizzu recived the highest number of votes with over 46 percent. Meanwhile incumband President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih from ruling MDP was second, with more than 38 percent votes. 

Hence Dr Muizzu and President Solih will be contesting in the second round of voting on September 30.

While there were 282,395 eligable voters in round one, with 27,000 of them being yiuth, more than 46,000 people did not vote. 

Notably, this is the lowest eligable voter turnout in the history of presidential elections in Maldives.