Land issuance from Gulhifalhu begins, sewerage works slated for January

Gulhifalhu. (Photo/PSM)

Land issuance to recipients of land from Gulhifalhu under the government’s ‘Binveriya’ scheme has commenced on Tuesday.

Speaking to the press after the handover of the first land plot from Gulhifalhu to its recipient – State Minister for Planning Akram Kamaluddin highlighted the next priority as the establishment of sewerage systems on the island.

“The work will commence next year. We are already working in this trajectory, in collaboration with stakeholders. We are hoping physical works can commence in next January by the latest,” he said.

Senior Executive Director at Planning Ministry Mohamed Arif said efforts were underway to complete the handover of land plots from Gulhifalhu to recipients at the earliest. On this note, he noted that boundaries were first being marked from the area that was first reclaimed.

“About 450 land plots are based in this area. Next will be the newly reclaimed area,” he said.

Arif noted that the handover of all land plots from Gulhifalhu is expected to be completed by early November, if not before.

Ahmed Shakir, the recipient of the first land plot from Gulhifalhu, shared his sentiments with the media. He detailed that he had 10 siblings and, therefore, expressed joy over having a land to his own name.

Land plots and registries will be handed over to all recipients of land before November 5th as per the Ministry.