Two detained for flouting religious unity laws deported

Dr. Ganesh Dubey.

Two Indians who were detained by the police for flouting religious unity and immigration laws in the Maldives have been deported on Friday.

A Spokesperson from Maldives Immigration confirmed both individuals have been deported to Sun, detailing they were deported on Friday afternoon.

Police, in a message to the media earlier today, said they were both handed over Immigration last night, after completing their investigations.

Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir Ali posted on X on Thursday that he had received information of a self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” in a hotel in Male’ advertising activities that flout the Protection of Religious Unity Act.

Posts have appeared on social media advertising consultations from one Dr. Ganesh Dubey, who is described as a tantracharya and spiritual guru.

The consultation fee is listed as USD 100.

The police identified the man as an Indian citizen, who arrived in Maldives on a tourist visa.

A police spokesperson, on Thursday, said they had detained him and another person, believed to be his accomplice, and were clarifying information.

They said the case involved a violation of Maldives’ religious unity laws and immigration laws.