Qasim pledges to cancel SME loan debt

JP leader Qasim Ibrahim addresses a campaign rally in AA. Mathiveri on August 28, 2023. (Photo/JP)

Jumhoory Party (JP)’s leader and presidential candidate, Qasim Ibrahim has pledged to cancel all SME loans issued to small businesses by the government.

In a campaign rally in AA. Mathiveri on Monday, Qasim accused the government of issuing loans “unjustly, to serve political agendas.”

He said that loans were used by the government as a tool to get votes.

“The people don’t have the means to repay loans. The purpose was to get loans. During my administration, I will cancel the debt of all SME loans issued by previous administrations. I don’t care if it’s an MVR 2 billion or an MVR 3 billion loan. I will cancel it on the very day,” he said.

Qasim also pledged to have smart boards and 75” TVs installed in all classrooms to teach school students.

Qasim accused President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of using employees of state-owned enterprises for his election campaign.

“Using state employees for his campaign… Making state-owned enterprises distribute money and whatnot…. To clubs, organizations and others, all to politically activate people,” he said.

At the rally, Qasim pledges to build a mosque in all harbors, build toilet blocks, and install Acs in all classrooms and mosques.

Qasim said that he has already cancelled the student loan debt of students that he personally sponsored, as well as those sponsored by Villa Foundation and Villa Group.