Aslam: It isn’t just coalition partners that benefit from MDP’s projects

MP Mohamed Aslam attends a campaign rally in F. Nilandhoo on August 28, 2023. (Sun Photo)

The projects run by the MDP administration benefit members of all political parties, says MP Mohamed Aslam, the running mate of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

In a campaign rally on Monday, Aslam highlighted on some of the current administration’s initiatives in the health and education sectors.

He said that the developments are being made to provide services to all Maldivian citizens, without discrimination.

“All this, doing all this without discrimination, all these services are crucial for a healthy and strong people,” he said.

Aslam also highlighted on the “Ijthimaee Badhahi Madhadhuverin” (IBAMA) program – which was launched by the Gender Ministry in 2021, to establish a multi-sectoral social protection mechanism and expand the network of social service.

“IBAMA is an important program launched to work closely with local communities, to provide the social protection they need,” he said.

Aslam said that MDP’s rival parties do not talk about such social protection programs, suggesting that they lack awareness of such issues.

“But its not just MDP members who benefit from this program. Or not just members from Adhaalath Party or MDA. This service is open to all Maldivian citizens,” he said.

While Aslam is currently touring F. Atoll as part of the MDP re-election campaign, President Solih is touring Th. Atoll and L. Atoll.