Dr. Munawar endorses Muizzu, to head to Addu together for campaign tomorrow

Combined pictures of former Attorney General Dr. Mohamed Munawar (L) and opposition PPM-PNC coalition’s presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu (R).

Former Attorney General Dr. Mohamed Munawar, who initially decided to contest 2023’s presidential election, has decided to back the candidacy of opposition PPM-PNC coalition’s presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

A senior off PPM confirmed Munawwar’s endorsement to Sun.

“Dr. Munawar has decided to endorse Dr. Muizzu. Munawwar and his team will be participating in tomorrow’s Addu trip as well,” the senior official had said.

Dr. Munawar, who has previously held the post of Attorney General and the leader of main ruling MDP, announced his decision to contest this year’s election independently back in March.

He had sought signatures to submit his candidacy form as well.

However, on August 7th, he announced his decision to forego the election.

Dr. Munawar, in 2008, contested in MDP’s presidential primary and also applied for the party’s leadership. He was unsuccessful in both these endeavors, following which he began criticizing MDP. Shortly after, he left the party to join Jumhoory Party.

However, he left Jumhoory Part later on, to form his own political party, Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) which was recently dissolved by the Elections Commission citing the party’s failure to meet the minimum membership mark required under the Political Parties Act.