Inthi: MDP obstructing others' campaigns

Spokesperson for the Democrats' presidential candidate and MP, Imthiyaas Fahumy speaking at a press conference held by the party. (Photo/The Democrats)

The spokesperson for the Democrats’ presidential candidate, MP Imthiyaaz Fahumy (Inthi) has alleged that the leadership of the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) has been impeding and obstructing the campaign events of other political parties.

Inthi said at a press conference held today that political parties have recently been facing obstacles to their campaign activities recently. He said that their party itself is facing these issues. Inthi said that there have been incidents where political centres and banners of the democrats have had oil thrown on them among other things.

In addition, other parties should also be given the opportunity to peaceful protesters, he said, adding that it is the responsibility of the government to give the opportunity and listen to what the parties have to say.

Accusing MDP of obstructing political parties from campaigning, Inthi said it was a scene that the people never wanted to see in an MDP government.

“But the government has been shutting these things down. The resulting problems are clashes between some parties in multiple islands,” Inthi said.

Mariya Ahmed Didi speaks to press on August 19, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla)

However, MDP’s presidential campaign spokesperson and Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi denied the allegations at a press conference that was held today.

She said the MDP leadership would not help to disrupt the campaigns. On the contrary, she said, the MDP wants to give all parties the opportunity to campaign.

“The government wants the same thing, the government will do everything it can to provide that opportunity to all parties during the campaign period,” Mariya said.

She further said that campaigning is every candidate’s right. She called on all parties not to interfere with the opportunity to campaign.