Muizzu created 365 new jobs in council, MVR 3.5M per month for their salaries

The Mayor of Male' City Dr Mohamed Muizzu. (Photo/Male' City Council)

It has been revealed that Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, who is also the presidential candidate of the opposition coalition, created 365 new jobs and hired 13 consultants to date since the commencement of his current term.

Male’ City Council’s written response to information requested by Sun under the Right to Information Act on June 3rd stated that a total of 365 new jobs have been created in the council as of May 31st, while consultancies from 13 individuals were sought for high prices.

There are 20 councilors in Male’ City Council. The council’s majority is held by opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), with two members each from main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and The Democrats.

The highest number of jobs were created in the council’s Waste Management Section, followed by its Community Engagement Unit.  They include;

  • 158 new janitorial staff – MVR 7,000 in salary including allowances
  • 85 road security officials – MVR 10,000 in salary including allowances
  • 31 supervisors – MVR 15,000 in salary including allowances
  • 30 supervisors – MVR 7,000 in salary including allowances
  • 22 drivers – MVR 7,000 in salary including allowances
  • 20 helpers – MVR 7,000 in salary including allowances
  • 7 operation managers – MVR 6,000 in salary including allowances
  • 6 administrative assistants – MVR 8,000 in salary including allowances
  • 3 administrative officers- MVR 7,000 in salary including allowances
  • 1 senior administrative assistant – MVR 8,000 in salary including allowances
  • 1 operation in charge – MVR 22,000 in salary including allowances
  • 1 operation in charge (Community Section) – MVR 25,000

Meanwhile, 13 new consultants were hired to the council in the current term – with MVR 360,000 being spent on their salaries each month.

The consultants and their salaries:

  1. Dr. Haidhar Ahmed, urban planning consultancy – MVR 30,000
  2. Mariyam Zuhaina Sodhiq, urban planning consultancy – MVR 35,000
  3. Hussain Zeenee, ICT consultancy – MVR 25,000
  4. Abdulla Abdul Hakeem, land-related matters – MVR 30,000
  5. Hassan Zareer, management consultancy – MVR 35,000
  6. Mohamed Shahid, financial consultancy – MVR 30,000
  7. Kings Consultancy Private Limited, English writing – MVR 25,500
  8. G7 Housing, leaflets and writings – MVR 18,000
  9. Ahmed Fazaal Hussain, planning and undertaking media and public relations work – MVR 35,000
  10. Aminath Nasiha, administrative consultancy  – MVR 19,500
  11. Ahmed Mamdhooh, road construction consultancy – MVR 25,000
  12. Aminath Shiyana, freelance assistance for various works – MVR 25,000
  13. Mohamed Dhilsham Abdulla, civil engineering consultancy – MVR 30,000

PPM secured the majority of Male’ City Council for the first time ever this term, which had till then always been secured by main ruling MDP.

Allegations claiming Muizzu had been offering jobs to individuals close to party members in order to exercise control over the party had surface during PPM/PNC’s presidential primary held recently.


When the opposition PPM-PNC’s coalition’s leader, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, to who the coalition first awarded its presidential ticket, was deemed an ineligible candidate, Muizzu contested for the PNC’s ticket, which he won.