People advised to avoid bridge due to tidal surges

Tidal flooding affects the Sinamale' Bridge on August 5, 2023. (Photo/Police)

The police have advised everyone to avoid travelling on the Sinmale’ Bridge, which connects Male’ and Hulhumale’, due to ongoing tidal surges.

“The Maldives Police Service advises everyone to AVOID driving along the route connecting Male' and Hulhumale starting from 3 PM today until the tidal surges subside and it is deemed safe for travel,” said the police, in a post on the X platform.

Police strongly recommended that people travelling for essential purposes utilize four-wheeled vehicles, as they offer better stability and control in challenging road conditions.

“We encourage the public to prioritize safety and consider alternative transportation options whenever possible,” said the police.

The police also asked everyone to opt for public transport or ferry services when commuting between Male’ and Hulhumale’ or Hulhule’ – where the national airport is located – unit the tidal swell ceases.

Traffic police have been deployed to assist and divert traffic if necessary.

Peak tide is expected in northern Maldives at 02:53 pm, at 03:46 pm in central Maldives, and at 04:45 pm in the south.

Maldives Meteorological Service has issued a tidal flooding in connection to the king tide.

Combined with local disturbances; wind, ocean current and increase in wave period, swell waves measuring 6-8 feet lashed the shore of some of the islands in southern and central Maldives, including the capital, during peak tide hours on Sunday.

The weather agency warned on Sunday that the unusually high swell waves were predicted to continue for the next 24 hours.

Authorities have advised everyone to be cautious of wave surges during peak tides.