Fenaka MD dismisses viral messages as ‘fake’

Fenaka Corporation’s Managing Director Ahmed Saeed Mohamed speaks at Fenaka Institute's convocation ceremony on March 5, 2022. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Fenaka Corporation’s managing director Ahmed Saeed Mohamed has dismissed the text messages in his name, which recently went viral on social media, as “fake”.

The text messages, which began surfacing on social media on Saturday, purportedly show Saeed promising jobs to various people.

Messages have been circulating on social media in Saeed's name promising jobs for various people.

Saeed took to Twitter on Sunday to dismiss the messages.

He said that the messages were fake, and were being circulated to slander him, and defame Fenaka.

He described it as an “uncivilized and cowardly” act.

Saeed provided assurance he did not engage in any such communications.

Saeed is not new to allegations of corruption.

Ibrahim Waheed (Iburey), the deputy chairperson of the ruling MDP, had resigned from his post as deputy managing director of Fenaka in September last year, after accusing Saeed of rampant corruption.

Saeed has consistently denied all allegations of corruption.