Urbanco begins transporting Hajj pilgrims to airport

Maldivian pilgrims departing to Hajj board Urbanco bus for transportation to the airport. (Photo/Urbanco)

Urbanco has begun transporting Maldivians departing to Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage to the airport.

Urbanco said they will be providing transportation for pilgrims departing from Maldives between June 12th and  June 19th including their luggage.

The corporation will provide transportation for pilgrims affiliated with Maldives Hajj Corporation, Sisilfaru Hajj and Umar Group and Al Manasik Group and Al-Haramain Hajj and Umrah Group.

Urbanco described the opportunity to assist Hajj pilgrims as a huge happiness.

Urbanco provides transportation for Maldivian pilgrims departing to Hajj. (Photo/Urbanco)

Pilgrims from Maldives started departing for Saudi Arabia today.

Those pilgrims affiliated with Maldives Hajj Corporation will depart in three groups. While 243 pilgrims departed today, 243 pilgrims are scheduled to depart on June 16th and another 243 pilgrims on June 19th.

Maldives received a quota of 1,000 pilgrims for this year’s hajj pilgrimage. In addition to Maldives Hajj Corporation, three private companies received 90 spots each to take pilgrims on hajj.