Corrections threatens to take legal action for defaming its staff

Correctional officers at the ceremony held to mark the 51st anniversary of Maldives Correctional Services. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyaan)

Maldives Correctional Service, on Friday, threatened to act against individuals defaming the service’s staff on social media.

Corrections, in a statement on Friday, underscored having taken note of pictures of the service’s staff, identifying them, being posted on social media, alongside various false accusations. They also stressed defamation of the service’s staff in addition to intimidating and threatening them.

Corrections said the spread of false information such as this incited hatred among the public for work carried out by the staff to fulfill their duties and legal obligations.

Strongly condemning such acts, corrections emphasized how they make their staff feel threatened, or in danger.

Citing these reasons, corrections threatened to take legal action against individuals repeatedly carrying out such acts.