Addu man kills brother after verbal quarrel escalates

A young man is stabbed in Addu City on May 31, 2023.

A young man was stabbed to death by his brother in the southern city of Addu on Wednesday, following a verbal quarrel which spun out of control.

The stabbing, which took place at a home in the Maradhoo Feydhoo district, was reported to the police at 11:38 pm on Wednesday.

Ahmed Shuaib, 27, died shortly after he was taken to the Addu Equatorial Hospital.

According to the Addu City Council, Shuaib was killed by his 25-year-old younger brother.

Sources from Addu said the attack followed a verbal dispute between the two, after his brother sold Shuaib’s phone for drugs.

Ahmed Shuaib, 27.

Shuaib had a record for drug-related offenses. And while his brother does not, he too is also rumored to be a drug addict.

Maradhoo councilman Ahmed Nadhir told Sun that Shuaib was stabbed with a knife.

Locals had initially reported that they fought because Shuaib had stolen his brother’s phone for drugs, and not the other way around.

“But we later found out that it was Shuaib’s brother who stole his phone. That the fight started because of that,” said Nadhir.

Locals report that Shuaib was stabbed inside his home, but had walked out and collapsed on the pavement outside the house.

Shuaib’s brother had reportedly fled after committing the crime.