Hiyaa Children’s Evening to be held Friday

Maldives National Housing Association (MNHA) has announced plans to hold a Children’s Evening for the children who live in the Hiyaa flats on Friday, in celebration of Children’s Day.

The event will take place from 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm on Friday, at the Hiyaa Park.

MNHA has been holding the event in celebration of Children’s Day each year since the Hiyaa flats were populated.

The association’s president Ahmed Ubaid said the children in the flats lack a space to play. He said the purpose of holding the event is to create such a space for them.

“We want to show that Hiyaa, too, can become a happy space, if we all work together. All children who attend will receive a gift,” he said.

Ubaid said the children who attend will enjoy stage shows and games from over 10 stalls.

Roboman and Shalabee Ibrahim are set to perform at the event.

The event’s media partner is SSNET. The event will be broadcasted live on SSTV.