Multiple houses damaged in Addu floods

Sandbags being placed at Addu City homes for protection from floods. (Photo/Addu City Council)

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has reported damages of various extents to multiple houses in Addu City following flooding prompted by heavy rain.

They detailed that 16 houses were damaged by floods in Hithadhoo district while farmlands from seven houses were also damaged.

Meanwhile, eight houses from Feydhoo district were impacted by floods, but, not to an extent that required humanitarian aid.

Some houses in Meedhoo district, as well as the school, were also impacted by floods. Meedhoo constituency council member Aminath Solih told Sun that 10 houses saw damages to various extents due to floods. Aminath Solih detailed that floods entered the school premise, including classrooms.  

Flooding in Addu City due to heavy rain. (Photo/Addu City Council)

As per Maldives Metrological Service (Met Office), the most rain in the Maldives recorded past 24 hours had been at Gan district in Addu City with 120.3 millimeters of rain. Hulhumeedhoo district in Addu City comes second with 113.2 millimeters of rain while capital Male’ City comes third with 81.3 millimeters of rain.

Met Office has forecasted stormy weather for both Friday and Saturday as the southwest monsoon hails strong. NDMA has urged the public to exercise caution in light of the weather forecast such as being prepared for flooding.