Rozaina files police complaint denying accusations regarding Nasheed’s security

Former President and current Speaker of the parliament Mohamed Nasheed, and MP for Addu City Meedhoo, Rozaina Adam.

A complaint has been filed with Maldives Police Service against North Maafannu MP Imthiyaz Fahumy (Inthi) denying his allegations of remarks by senior government officials in a targeted attempt to hinder the security of Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Inthi filed a complaint with the police over the matter on Thursday citing a possible threat to Nasheed’s life via a letter. The letter read that he suspects a conspiracy with respect to repeated remarks in forums by individuals holding influential posts surrounding the theme of aversion towards the provision of security to Nasheed and encouragement of ceasing Nasheed’s security.

He particularly named South Henvieru MP Hussain Shaheem (Andhun Hussain) and Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam in the letter.

Inthi, noting both individuals were inciting hatred towards Nasheed, accused both parliamentarians of trying to pave way for another attempt on Nasheed’s life by weakening his security.

Rozaina, denying Inthi’s allegations, has requested the police to investigate the matter. A letter she sent to Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed was shared by Rozaina on Twitter. The letter stressed that political differences do not amount to an attempt on the other person’s life. Citing Inthi’s allegations against her posed threats to her life, she requested the police to investigate the case.

Her letter further stated that she has never attempted to harm someone nor has thought about carrying out such an act. Rozaina emphasized she condemned the terror attack against Nasheed back then, and even does so now.

“I have never believed differences in the ideology in the political arena as a reason to become personal with that person, hurt them, or incite hatred against them. Moreover, I have always advocated against cruelty,” she said.

Commenting on Inthi’s allegations – Rozaina said she has never advocated against the provision of security to Nasheed, stopping the provision of security to the speaker or making any alterations to the way security is presently provided.

Rozaina, underscoring the abundance of matters where there have been political differences with Nasheed, she admitted criticism of Nasheed’s policies and political actions. Asserting she would continue to do so as well in the future – Rozaina said such criticism does not imply the intention to physically harm him.

The parliamentarian for Addu Meedhoo constituency described Nasheed’s team's attempt to weaken her political stature after their failure to excel in political debates by defaming her through accusations of conspiring to assassinate Nasheed as a feeble and backward act. Emphasizing such accusations were dangerous in nature – Rozaina highlighted the possibility of Nasheed supporters attacking her.

Henceforth, she requested the police to investigate the allegations by Inthi.