Dengue and flu cases rose in March

Flu clinic in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Statistics released by Health Protection Agency (HPA) show cases of dengue and flu rose in March, compared to February.

The monthly statistics released by HPA shows 169 cases of dengue were reported in March. It is 23 cases higher than the 146 cases in February.

Meanwhile, 37,969 cases of flu were reported in March. The figure is 7,341 cases higher than the 30,628 cases reported in February.

The number of people tested for influenza also increased in March. 62 out of 458 samples tested so far this year have come back positive for influenza.

HPA has urged people to take precautionary measures due to the rise in infectious diseases.

Statistics for the month of March show a drop in cases of diarrhea, with 4,042 cases reported in March, compared to 4,357 cases in February.

HPA’s statistics also show an increase in Covid-19 cases.