Sheikh Zaid: Enforcement of qisas the solution to brutal murders

Sheikh Ali Zaid.

The solution to brutal murders lies in the enforcement of qisas or retributive justice, states Sheikh Ali Zaid.

Zaid’s call for enforcement of qisas comes after Naeema Moosa, 62, was found stabbed to death in her home in N. Manadhoo last weekend.

Expressing concern over the case, Zaid said he had been shocked to learn of the merciless murder of an elderly woman.

He said that the unjust killing of an innocent is likened to the killing of all humankind in Islam.

Zaid said that murders have increased in modern times, and that the fearless perpetration of such crimes is the result of lack of enforcement of punishments prescribed in Islam.

He said he sees no reason why the state shouldn’t enforce the verses of Quran.

Zaid said there is no reason why the death penalty should not be enforced if that is the wish of all of the victim’s heirs. He said that the state is solely an enforcement agency when it comes to murder cases, and the punishment is already prescribed in Islam.

“Murder cases have increased significantly in this community today. The perpetrators know they will just spend a few days in jail and escape with the claim the charges against them aren’t proven or something,” he said.

“They treat this as petty crimes because they know they will go unpunished. Enforcing the punishments prescribed in the religion is the way to stop this; enforcing qisas.”

Maldives has had a moratorium on death penalty for over 60 years.