Points will be deducted from non-residents in issuance of Maafushi land

The newly reclaimed land of K. Maafushi. (Photo/Maafushi Council)

The policy has been revised so points will be deducted from non-residents who apply for land being issued from the newly reclaimed area of K. Maafushi.

Maafushi is set to issue 312 plots of land of 2,000 square feet. 308 plots will be issued for free, while the remaining plots will be sold.

The Maafushi Council opened applications for the land back in March. However, the original announcement has now been cancelled, and a new one issued following changes to the policy in issuance of land from Maafushi for residential purposes.

The new policy has two amendments; 20 points for people aged 40 years and above, and the deduction of 30 points for applicants who aren’t registered to Maafushi.

The latter amendment minimizes chances of non-residents getting land from the island.

Application forms are available for download on the Government Gazette. Forms will also be available from the Maafushi Council office from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm on workdays until June 15.

Forms can be submitted from 09:30 am to 01:00 pm on workdays from April 9-June 15.

The land is being issued from 25 hectors reclaimed as a separate island next to Maafushi.