Qasim extends invitations to form coalition

Incumbent leader of Jumhoory Party (JP), Qasim Ibrahim, has been reelected as the party’s leader. (Photo/V News)

The presidential candidate for Jumhoory Party Qasim Ibrahim on Monday extended invitations to five, to form coalition with the party for the upcoming Presidential Election. 

Speaking with Sun, the General Secretary of JP Ali Arif said that invitations signed by the party president were sent out to five parties. 

Invitations were extended to:

  • Opposition coalition (PPM / PNC)
  • MNP
  • MRM 
  • Former AG Dr Mohamed Munavvar 
  • Former Home Minister Umar Naseer 

While still being a part of the current government coalition, JP rejected the invitation of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to reunite yet again to re-elect him, and have announced its decision to contest in the election. 

JP has cemented its position on Qasim being the candidate that would be running for presidency from party. Notably, Qasim was the one who contested the election from the party in 2008 as well as 2013.

Amidst the political chaos within MDP, former President Mohamed Nasheed has a separate faction following his lead, and supported his candidacy is the party primary. However, he lost and the MDP ticket was scored by President Solih.

Nasheed has unofficially backed Qasims candidacy, and his faction is currently on the task of establishing agreements to working together.