Ameen: People will be cast adrift with a leader without a vision

Running mate of Jumhoory Party's presidential candidate Ameen Ibrahim. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shaathiu Abdulla)

Dr. Ameen Ibrahim, the running mate of Jumhoory Party (JP)’s presidential candidate Qasim Ibrahim, remarking that the citizens will be cast adrift with a leader who is shortsighted and without a vision, has stressed that the country may fall into ruins if ‘just anyone’ is elected.

Speaking at a campaign event in L. Isdhoo – Ameen, citing many perceive the election of a country’s leader as a simple matter, described the decision as the election of an individual who will decide the fates of future generations and shape the future of a nation’s children.

Ameen, therefore, said such a person must possess a vision and must be far-sighted. He stressed that the country and its people will be cast adrift if the individual in question is unable to see the major problems in the country.

“An individual who is being elected the leader must be much more farsighted than a normal citizen. Their radar must detect all obstacles, and reefs and should know all turns that need to be taken. If the radar is defective, the nation will run aground on a reef,” he said.

Ameen, underscoring citizens must do their calculations very precisely when electing a leader, said they must carefully consider whether their preferred choice of a candidate is capable and experienced in addition to closely assessing their past actions with respect to matters of national interest, their ideologies and thinking.

Speaking further, Ameen highly criticized the current administration, emphasizing state debt had climbed to concerning heights. On this note, he added that Qasim is an individual highly capable of managing debt and the country’s resources.

 He said there is no individual other than Qasim with more experience in matters related to the country and its citizens.