HPA announce Measles outbreak with single case in Addu City

An infant with Measles rashes all over the body. (Photo / Google)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) on Monday announced confirmation of identifying a case of positive case of Measles in Addu City.

According to the announcement made by the authority, the positive results were identified on Monday itself, and further revealed that testing was underway for another possible case. 

Additionally, HPA revealed that both patients involved were minors, and that in both cases, the contagious period was over, hence there was no longer a risk of further spreading of the disease from these two children. 

Furthermore, it was noted that Addu Equatorial Hospital (HPA) was working on contact tracing and identifying how the infection was attained. Efforts to vaccinate those who need it, will also be commenced as per the announcement. 

Maldives received the tile and certification for complete eradication of Measles from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017. Since then, the only identified cases were noted right before the Covid-19 outbreak, in January 2020.

HPA stated that since this disease has been fully eradicated from the country, even a single case constitutes as an outbreak. 

The most common symptoms of Measles are fever, red rashes all over the body, cough and runny nose. Some may even experience redness in the eyes, said HPA. Anyone with these symptoms are advice to consult a medical professional at the earliest.