STO opens ‘Roadha Mart’ in Hulhumale’ Phase II

State Trading Organization (STO) opens ‘Roadha Mart’ in Hulhumale' Phase II on March 17, 2023. (Photo/STO)

State Trading Organization (STO), on Friday, opened an outlet in Hulhumale’ Phase II especially for the upcoming Ramadan; ‘Roadha Mart’.

The outlet was inaugurated during a special ceremony held on Friday evening by STO’s CEO, Managing Director Hussain Amr Rashad and Housing Development Corporation’s (HDC) Managing Director Ahmed Athif.

The outlet is located that the ninth Vinares tower in Hulhumale’ Phase II. As per STO, it will serve as a platform where residents can easily access the company’s products.

Both retain and wholesale services will be provided at the outlet. In addition to goods normally imported and sold by STO, products sold by third parties renting racks will also be available from the outlet.

Goods imported especially for Ramadan such as onion, potatoes and eggs will also be available at the outlet. STO has decreased the wholesale prices of these three commodities. The details of the old prices and the new prices are as follows;

  • Potato sack – from MVR 250 to MVR 240
  • Onion sack – from MVR 170 to MVR 160
  • Egg case – from MVR 290 to MVR 280