Sun partners with police for special TV programs

From the signing of an MoU between Sun Siyam Media and Maldives Police Service on March 12, 2023, Chief Content Officer of Sun Siyam Media, Mohamed Zaheen (Right) and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ali Rasheed (left). (Sun Photo/Adam Nishaam)

Sun Siyam Media has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today with Maldives Police Service to work together and create TV programs with both parties collaborating.

At a ceremony held at Iskandhar Koshi today, Sun Siyam Media’s SSTV signed as the media partner for Maldives Police Service’s Community Engagement.

This agreement was signed by Sun Siyam Media’s Chief Content Officer, Mohamed Zaheen, and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ali Rasheed.

Superintendent of Police, Abdulla Naseer, told Sun after the ceremony that there are many plans in place to lower the crime rate in Maldives, under this agreement.

“If we can hold events across the Maldives with these partners, it will further our work,” he said.

Naseer said that one of Maldives Police Service’s biggest aims is to conduct community empowerment activities in every corner of Maldives. As per that aim, the partners that signed the agreement today will work on such activities across Maldives, he said.

Regarding the agreement, Zaheen said that while the agreement was signed today, programs that are planned between SSTV and Maldives Police Service are already moving forward and that some programs are even near completion. 

Chief Content Officer of Sun Siyam Media, Mohamed Zaheen. (Sun Photo/Adam Nishaam)

“The first program we made is a drama series, we are making this series in time for Ramadan,” he said.

The first episode of this drama series, named “Vazanattakaa”, is set to debut on Maldives Police Service’s anniversary. Zaheen said that the rest of the series will be scheduled and shown on SSTV across Ramadan.

Speaking about this drama series, Superintendent of Police, Fathimath Nashwa, said that this series will be mainly focused on what happens in various atolls of the Maldives. 

“We planned this concept to be focused on the negative going on in the community and other crimes,” she said.

Superintendent of Police, Fathimath Nashwa (left) and director of drama series, "Vazanattakaa", Ali Rasheed (right). (Sun Photo/Adam Nishaam)

The screenplay for this series was written by Sub Inspector of Police, Ahmed Nafiu.

The director of this drama, Ali Rasheed, said that this drama will be highlighting these issues in a cinematic way and that this drama will be very appealing to the viewers.

“I want to highlight that this will be presented in a very suspenseful way,” Ali said.

While not much was revealed about the script, Ali said that this drama series will be brought in a way that viewers will love it.