High Court registers STELCO’s case against Male’ City Council

High Court. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The High Court on Thursday registered a constitutional case filed by State Electric Company (STELCO) against the Male’ City Council, seeking to repeal new regulations on road works in Male’.

STELCO had originally lodged the case with the High Court on February 5. However, the case was rejected citing failure to properly explain how the two regulations the company based their case on – the regulation on road works with and without closure of roads, and the regulation on works carried out by digging up roads or opening junction covers – were in violation of the law.

The company resubmitted the case on February 8.

In previous press statements, STELCO accused the city council of creating the regulations to harass the public and increase the price of public services.

In a press conference, STELCO’s managing director Ahmed Shareef alleged the two regulations were redundant. He said that the regulations were introduced without discussion with the Local Government Authority (LGA).

“When such regulations are introduced, the public are given time to adjust to it. It is implemented after a grace period. They have done nothing of this sort here,” he said.

Shareef said the regulations would have the biggest impact on the pockets of regular citizens.

He said that while it had previously cost MVR 31,471 to dig the road outside H. Misooree, it now costs MVR 85,510.68. It is an increase of 154 percent.