Usage of expired licenses allowed till end of February

Traffic police question a motorcyclist getting on the Sinamale' Bridge on March 2, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Transport Ministry, on Sunday, announced their decision to allow the use of expired licenses in driving vehicles till the end of this month.

An earlier announcement by the Ministry stated that expired licenses can be used until February 14th. In Sunday’s announcement, the Ministry said the grace period has been extended till February 28th.

Transport Ministry temporarily halted the issuance of vehicular licenses in late January as part of preparations to use a newly developed software in an effort to improve the quality of services provided by the Ministry as well as to facilitate easements for those seeking these services.

In order to migrate the data to the new software – the Ministry halted the issuance of licenses until February 4th. Subsequently, the Ministry allowed licenses that expire during the period to be used until February 14.

Transport Ministry successfully digitalized vehicular license issuance services on February 5th. With the change, printing license cards have ceased, whereas digital licenses have been brought into use. Applications for vehicular licenses can also now be carried out online.