Ooredoo to develop PEACE cable landing station in Kulhudhuffushi

Ooredoo Maldives has approved the development of a Disaster Recovery (DR) site and a Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Kulhudhuffushi City to continue their project of connecting Kulhudhuffushi, Singapore, and Europe via submarine cable (PEACE cable).

PEACE cable is an essential cable system to improve the digital infrastructure of the Maldives and to provide service to the new technological devices that are being made.

The cable will strengthen Maldives’ digital infrastructure and help in relaying international data to the Maldives.

This investment aims to resolve the issues related to Geo redundancy of essential network services while improving the service quality, reducing latency, and enhancing customer experience.

Former CEO and Managing Director of Ooredoo Maldives, Najib Khan, said that the reason they chose Kulhudhuffushi is to open up new doors for data traffic and to make sure that the positive changes brought on by digital services can be shared all over the Maldives.

With the completion of the PEACE cable landing station, it will serve as a hub for digital opportunities in the north of Maldives. It will also enable Hyperscale services and open up an opportunity for Kulhudhuffushi to host a data centre.

Digital businesses and software development facilities will flourish in the north as well.