Two injured in speedboat explosion at Dhiggaru brought to Male’ for further treatment

Speedboat explosion at M. Dhiggaru on February 7, 2023.

Two people that were injured in a speedboat explosion at M. Dhiggaru have been transported to Male’ City for further treatment.

The explosion took place at approximately 9:50am on Tuesday morning aboard a speedboat named ‘Asuruma’.

Dhiggaru Council President Ahmed Nishan told Sun on Tuesday that only two people were aboard at the time of the explosion – who was the speedboat’s owner and a crew member.

Both individuals sustained serious injuries in the explosion including severe burns. Nishan said that they were first treated at Dhiggaru Health Centre, and later brought to Male’ City for further treatment at 11:40am.

“The captain sustained the most serious injuries including severe burns on the leg,” he added.

Nishan said that the speedboat exploded amidst efforts to start the vessel.

“It did not start during the first attempt and exploded during the second the second attempt,” he detailed.

Nishan said that the speedboat has been burned beyond use in the explosion. Although the fire was subdued through collaborative efforts by the police and Dhiggaru residents, they had to sink the speedboat for it. He added that the speedboat has now been brought up to land.

The speedboat measures 23 feet and is mainly used for transportation among islands within the atoll, and on rare occasions for fishing.