One seriously injured in gas cylinder explosion at Male’ restaurant

Gas cylinder explosion at NGB, a fast food outlet in Male' City, on January 17, 2023. (Photo/MVCrisis)

One was seriously injured in a gas cylinder explosion in a restaurant in Male’ City on Wednesday evening.

The incident took place at NGB, a fast-food outlet located at Kinbigas Magu in Henveiru district.

Commenting on the incident – MNDF identified the seriously injured victim as a Sri Lankan cook who was at the scene of the explosion.

The victim is presently undergoing treatment. However, the extent of the injuries remains unclear at the moment.

Police said the incident was reported to the authority at approximately 5:02pm. Noting an additional two Maldivians were injured in the explosion, Police said they are also undergoing treatment.

They are investigating the explosion further.

Photos of the incident circulating on social media show that the windows of the restaurant had been completely shattered in the incident. 

Information received regarding the incident so far does not indicate there was a subsequent fire.