Global keynote speaker Afeef to hold motivational program in February

Afeef Hussain. (Photo/Resumo Maldives)

Acclaimed Maldivian motivational speaker and life coach Afeef Hussain is set to hold a program on developing growth journey and mindset in February.

The program, organized by Resumo Maldives, will be held at the MNU Business School’s auditorium from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm on February 11. Interested parties can also participate in the program online.

Afeef will conduct three sessions under the program ‘Developing Your Growth Journey and Mindset’; finding a path to growth in professional career and personal life, how to prepare a growth plan, and implementing the plan.

Afeef, a member of John C. Maxwell’s team, will teach Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Growth. The people who complete the program will receive a professional development certificate from Maxwell.

According to an official from Resumo, the registration fee for the program is MVR 990.

“This is a golden opportunity to utilize your potential and learn how to achieve your goals for 2023 and the coming years. Afeef, with his knowledge and experience, will teach tactics on how to take how we think, learn and achieve to the next level,” said the official.

According to Resumo, the program will be useful not just to corporate workers, civil servants, university students, but also to people who have yet to decide on a career path.

The opportunity is open for companies and offices to register their employees for the program.

Afeef is the Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance of Lux* Resorts and Hotel, which operates resorts and hotels in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

An expert in HR strategy, customer experience, and learning and development, Afeef is one of the leading public speakers in Maldives.

The program’s organizer, Resumo Maldives is a consultancy and training firm that specializes in PR, communications, and publishing. The firm is headed by local experts in the field.

Registration is open online.