Nasheed’s supporters in Gadhdhoo boycott vote

Screen grab from video footage of disturbance in GDh. Gadhdhoo during the MDP presidential primary on January 28, 2023.

MDP leader and Parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed’s supporters in GDh. Gadhdhdoo refused to cast their ballots into the ballot box kept at the polling station in the island Saturday, after clashes between supporters of the two candidates contesting the MDP presidential primary escalated.

A video posted by Gadhdhoo MP Ahmed Zahir on Twitter shows people argue and push and shove each other, while some tore up ballot papers and damaged ballot boxes.

Nasheed’s supporters boycotted the vote after voting resumed.

Jaleel Moosa, one of Nasheed’s supporters in Gadhdhoo said supporters employed in state-owned enterprises were being threatened by the government.

He said they therefore decided to boycott the vote.

“They are carrying on with the vote on their own. But we have stopped voting,” he said.

Jaleel said they refused to accept the election result.

The highly contentious primary sees President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Nasheed compete for the party’s presidential ticket.

Disturbances have been reported in several polling stations across Maldives over allegations of fraud, including cases of unregistered voters casting votes.