Man who broke into Juvenile Court requests to jail him

Juvenile Court. (File Photo/Sun/Ihthisham Mohamed)

A man who is accused of breaking into Juvenile Court and stealing from there has requested to be detained in jail. 

The 31 year old man from Addu City is accused of stealing and damaging of property.

Maldives Police Services allege he broke a window of the building in order to enter, and has stolen pricy items. They also noted that the man has now confessed to the crimes has well.

As per records, the man has been arrested 39 times previously, and has had his detention period extended 19 times.

When brought to Criminal Court on Wednesday, January 25, to make a decision regarding his remand, he said that he spoke about his drug addiction. 

Stating that he was addicted to drugs, he went on to reveal that on average, he uses five strong drugs on a daily basis. He further said that the drug use was the  main reason for all the crimes he commits. 

He requested to keep him locked up so he maybe rid himself of the drug addiction and re-enter society as a better man. 

The court ordered to remand him for a period of 15 days during this hearing.