City council seeks workers to launch buggy service in Vilimale’

People drive a buggy in Vilimale'. (Photo/Destination Guides)

Male’ City Council is seeking workers to launch its electric buggy service in suburban Vilimale’.

The council posted an announcement seeking an operator Monday. A city council spokesperson told Sun that the council would post vacancies for buggy drivers soon.

The council instructs interested candidates to visit the city council office at 01:00 pm on Wednesday to clarify information, and at 11:00 am on January 29 to quote their price.

 Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) had launched electric bus service in Vilimale’ last Friday. However, the council said it would continue with its plan to launch buggy service in the island.

The city council has brought in 10 electric buggies; three four-seaters, three six-seaters, one 12-seater, two buggies for cargo, and one for patients.

City council said the buggy service would be provided 24/7, and would launch in early February.