Mayor Muizzu warns of fake texts being sent from his number

The Mayor of Male' City Dr Mohamed Muizzu. (Photo/Male' City Council)

Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has warned of fake texts being sent from his mobile number by an unknown source

Speaking to Sun, Mayor Muizzu said that texts were being sent from his number to journalists and other various people. Underscoring that text messages and Viber messages were being sent from the Mayor’s number – he urged those receiving such texts to share them with him.

“I went to Dhiraagu over this issue as well. To see whether the texts were being sent from my number. Dhiraagu said that the texts were not being sent from the actual number. Officials from Dhiraagu said the texts were being sent another way,” Mayor Muizzu said.

He further noted that a case had been filed with the police over the text messages – which the police have failed to investigate. Mayor Muizzu said that he would refile a complaint again.

Mayor Muizzu described the texts as an unsophisticated act by a group of people to defame him as he is a political figure. He advised anyone receiving cryptic texts from his number to fact-check.

Similar cases of texts being sent by unknown sources from mobile numbers of political figures have surfaced recently.