Ex-VP: President Solih’s administration isn’t a true coalition

Former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration isn’t a true coalition, states former Maldivian vice president Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed.

In an exclusive interview to Sun on Wednesday, Jameel said that the coalition is no longer in place, despite President Solih’s claims otherwise.

“That isn’t a coalition anymore. Now, there’s just a bunch of people there to collect some personal gain. That is no true coalition,” he said.

Jameel said that coalitions aren’t formed out of greed for high posts.

He believes there aren’t any principles that the government coalition is in mutual agreement over.

“So, are you asking me if Adhaalath is okay with everything? Some of Adhaalath’s most prominent scholars are saying that brothels are being openly advertised here. That they are seeing different advertisements on media. That alcohol has become common…,” he said.

Jameel said that incidents of blasphemy have increased, which goes against everything Adhaalath Party stands for.

“There are many things happening here that go against Islam. So, are you saying Adhaalath is okay with it and is on a journey with MDP to the ‘other Maldives’?” he said.

Jameel questioned why MDP’s coalition partners remained part of the coalition when the decisions made by the administration goes against their principles.

“One of the biggest proofs that the coalition no longer exists is the 2019 parliamentary elections. During the 2019 parliamentary elections, Ibu [President Solih] publicly said that he wouldn’t partner with them for Parliament. So, it’s clear. When they came to power, it was with the agreement they would contest the parliamentary elections together. That isn’t how it is,” he said.

Jameel said that the actions of President Solih’s administration was having a negative affect on MDP itself.