PSM’s Procurement Director to oversee operations as MD’s term expire

Public Service Media’s (PSM) Procurement Director Mohamed Saeed who has been appointed to oversee the company's operations following the expiration of current managing director's term. (Photo/PSM)

Subsequent to the expiration of Public Service Media’s (PSM) Managing Director Ali Khalid’s term – the company’s Procurement Director Mohamed Saeed has been appointed to oversee its operations.

While the company has five board members – the term of two members has expired which includes the Managing Director Ali Khalid and Deputy Managing Director Mohamed Shameem. They have subsequently left their posts.

Sun has learned that PSM’s Procurement Director Saeed was appointed to oversee the company’s operation last Saturday, after the President’s Office failed to take any decision despite being informed before the expiration of their terms.

Khalid’s term ended on Saturday, while Shameem’s ended today.

The President’s Office’s Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed said that there was no comment regarding the issue at the moment.