NCA: Will screen films at Olympus in February first week

Olympus Cinema. (Sun Photo)

National Center for the Arts (NCA) has stated that after Olympus Cinema opens post-renovations, the public will be able to watch movies during the first week of February 2023.

The Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage have now opened pre-booking of Olympus for various events starting from January 15 onwards. The announcement made by the ministry regarding this stated that those interested in booking the practice rooms and hall can also pre-book from that date onwards.

The cinema door closed during the global pandemic Covid-19 in 2020, and this year in March, renovations commenced.

Upgrading of the cinema is being done with a grant issued by the Indian government for ‘High Impact Community Development Projects', signed on October 21, 2021. 

Heritage ministry has also highlighted that when they reopen, priority will be given to the producers who had previously booked to screen their movies when the renovations commenced.

Communication Director at the ministry Ismail Naail Rasheed said to Sun that a movie screening was ongoing even when Olympus closed and that some producers had even made advance payments.

“Bookings can be done from (January) 15th onwards. But producers will want time to promote the film even, so people will be able to watch a movie at Olympus during the first week of February. There are many movies to be screened even now. Can estimate that there will be back-to-back movies screened till the (presidential) election.”

 Moreover, the ministry has publicized regulations on booking the various rooms and the hall of Olympus. Application forms for renting can even be submitted through the ministry website.

After the Olympus doors closed in 2020, NCA had given numerous dates for reopening. However, due to various delays, the place remained closed till now.

The public, as well as those working in the entertainment industry, has been vocalizing their concerns over the issue, as there is no other cinema that shows local movies.

The Cinema in Male’ City is 67 years old – first having begun screening films in 1957.